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Answer These 8 Questions Before Launching Your Brand on TikTok

Wondering if your brand should take on TikTok at all? You don't want to miss this.

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Jay Baer

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No longer just dances and weird recipes, TikTok has emerged as a true social media and content marketing force.

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TikTok has overtaken Facebook in terms of total mobile app downloads globally, and TikTok users spend more time on the app per month than do Facebook users.

But, you can't just take your existing social media strategy and apply it to TikTok. The culture and rhythm of the app are too different. And ultimately, does it even make sense to have a presence there at all?

Before you spend one minute building branded content on TikTok, please spend 55 minutes on this broadcast.

Convince & Convert's Jay Baer and Corynn Myers will be joined by Visit California's Gwynne Spann, and Jazmin Griffith from social media community management firm ICUC.

In this session, our panelists will unveil and discuss the 8 key questions you must successfully and completely answer before launching on TikTok. Failure to answer these questions will result in inefficient use of resources, ineffective content, and atrophy of social efforts on other channels.

See how Visit California and other ICUC and Convince & Convert clients have used careful pre-planning to launch big and grow bigger on the world's hottest social media outlet.

We won't have time for live questions on this broadcast, but if you have a question you definitely want addressed, reply to your confirmation email after you register below. We'll address as many as possible in the session, after we review the top 8 questions you must answer before diving into TikTok.

Can't make it live? Register below and we'll send you the recording + a written transcript you can quickly skim to find the 8 questions and other useful tidbits and counsel.

About ICUC Social

In partnership with ICUC Social, they are the global experts in social media community management and digital customer service. 

ICUC is a social media management services company delivering content moderation, community management and social listening services. With a team of over 250 multilingual specialists, ICUC provides social customer care solutions to a variety of industry leading global clients 24/7, 365. Working as an agency partner or directly with a brand, ICUC makes lives better for the world's biggest brands.

Corynn Myers

Strategist at Convince & Convert. Former Associate Director of Marketing at the University of Michigan.

Jazmin Griffith

Director of Social Strategy at ICUC & social media leader with numerous experience with Fortune 500 companies.

Gwynne Spann

Director of Consumer Content at Visit California & oversees the creation of the global editorial calendar across all social media owned channels.