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Andy Crestodina

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media

Zontee Hou

Director of Strategy at 
Convince & Convert

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Find – and Publish – Your Missing Stat

How adding original research to your marketing mix will drive brand awareness and grow your business

Have you ever heard someone make a statement that seemed very matter-of-fact, yet when you searched for a valid source nothing came up? This gap – the one between what you think you know to be true and what can actually be cited – is where your “missing stat” is waiting to be found.

Brands are developing more content than ever before, but only 39% are producing original research for public consumption. There are perceptions that this type of research is difficult or costly to produce. But is it really?

Watch this session to learn more about:

  • The different types of original research that garner attention (it’s not all benchmark reports)

  • How you can choose the best topics for your brand

  • How you can quickly produce research, even on a budget, to gain more media attention and drive traffic to your website