Kristina Paider – “KP” – is a world-class marketer and storyteller. Her company, The Hollywood Approach, is a platform that leverages the art and neuroscience of story to help people accelerate results in their business and life.

KP was a marketing and research executive for a $10 billion global hotel company and two tech companies, all while moonlighting as a screenwriter. 

Her action-thriller screenplay is on the way. Her book, The Hollywood Approach, just came out. She travels by motorcycle, jumps into waterfalls and is a guest chocolate chef who says that business is the most dynamic medium there is for story.

Kristina "KP" Paider


Who should attend The Science of Story Workshop?

Between 5 and 50 participants is ideal.

How many people can attend the workshop?

There is one flat fee for the workshop, no matter how many participants.

What is the pricing structure?

President, NATO Association of Canada

Robert Baines, CD, MA

“Kristina’s presence was a breath of fresh air that invigorated our discussions and brought our thinking to a whole new level!”

Executive Director, Makana Outreach

Jacob Pope

“Kristina’s work is a fundamental component in transforming crisis into leadership. We aspire to be a living, breathing example of The Hollywood Approach both in our internal and external storytelling.”


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The Science of Story Workshop with Convince & Convert

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Anyone that is communicating with customers and clients, including content marketers, writers, marketers, customer experience executives and more.

Meet Our In-House Storytelling Expert, Kristina "KP" Paider

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Master the art of character DNA in storytelling to keep your clients active, engaged and excited to hear from you.

Win more business with exponentially better content

Build greater trust and engagement with your clients

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